Unite BLONDA Tone + Shine Trio

Unite BLONDA Tone + Shine Trio

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Now is the time to shine, and save with this moisture-enriched shine set • BLONDA™ system is designed to get blonde tones and highlights lighter and brighter • The ultra-violet formula in the BLONDA™ Toning Shampoo gently cleanses, purifies, and neutralizes unwanted brassy tones • Reduces brassiness in blonde, gray, or any tone • No added parabens or sodium chloride.

Unite BLONDA Toning Violet Shampoo 236ml

BLONDA™ Toning Purple Shampoo is designed to take blondes lighter and brighter in just 1-minute. Say goodbye to unwanted brassy tones with this ultra-violet formula that cleanses, purifies and neutralizes. Start using BLONDA™ Purple Shampoo today! And the best part is it lasts through several shampoos, especially if you pair it with our BLONDA Daily Shampoo.

Unite BLONDA Daily Conditioner 236ml

BLONDA™ Daily Purple Conditioner is formulated to moisturize and maintain blonde hair every day – on both tone AND no-tone days. BLONDA™ Daily Purple Conditioner seals in the cool tones to complement after the BLONDA™ Purple Shampoo. Keep your blonde shade cool and hair strands moisturized, protected with vitamins A, E and C. UNITE’s conditioner leaves hair silky and shiny.

Unite BLONDA Oil Argan for Blondes 125ml

UNITE BLONDA Oil is specially formulated just for blondes. This deeply hydrating oil shines, seals, and protects hair from frizz, heat & UV damage. It quickly smooths dry and damaged ends, and reduces blow-dry time. It's a must-have for all blondes and a must-must-have for bleached blondes!